Adult and fetish store providing kink, sex toys, chastity devices, anal toys, clothing and lingerie, spanking and bondage toys, dildos, strap ons and vibrators and lots of other naughty and erotic bedroom items  to satisfy your needs.

about kinky desires

Kinky Desires is a vibrant new adult and fetish store based in the UK. We aim to bring you some of the best adult products available on the market as well as quality customer service, care and advice.


Kinky Desires is run by industry professionals that have a wealth of knowledge & experienced within the adult industry for many years, we can advise our customers on both the using and safety aspects of our products, we're friendly and approachable, and always more than happy to help so don't be shy if you have any questions!


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why kinky desires

We are here to help those who are lost and cannot share their desires with others. The Kinky team are non judgemental and always happy to point our customers in the right direction should they need any guidance.


We believe in sexual freedom and that your desires should be indulged, provided you are not causing harm to anyone else and that everyone involved is able to consent freely, thus bringing you great pleasure and satisfaction.


Our sexuality plays a big part in our lives, even our genetic make up and should be explored with peace of mind and celebrated for being part of our unique personal being.

Sometimes people find it quite daunting & embarrassing to know where to begin on their sexual journey of exploration and enlightenment - that's where the Kinky team come in as we love to guide our customers in the right direction.


Check out our links page to other highly recommended industry resources too - many of our customers have found these to be of great use on their "kinky" journey.


Our products are all good quality and made from skin safe, medical grade materials! We hand pick and personally test all of our products!! Oh and some of our prices are the best you'll find online.


Do you really need anymore reasons to make Kinky Desires your top choice of adult store for your personal needs??

We are a UK based adult sex & fetish store specialising in all things kink & fetish related.


Our ranges include female sex toys, fleshlights and male masturbators, fetish clothes, male fetish clothes, essential items, lubricants, sexual enhancers, spanking implements, sexy dresses and clothing and so much more.


We are experts in this field for over 15 years, we love what we do and want to pass our kinky products onto you!