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By shareddesires, Jan 30 2017 10:32PM

Dear Kinksters,

We have just received our second review from the lovely Luv Bunny, this time reviewing our Lealso Magic Massager.

We are thoroughly enjoying reading Luv Bunny's reviews on our products, they're informative and reassuring to read (especially being a woman) in that I'm not alone in being unable to achieve climax through some sex toys alone!

Thank you Luv Bunny for your fabulous reviews xx

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I bought this multi-coloured massager, from Kinky Desires, as I was intrigued by the eye-catching swirling colour design of the silicone. But more importantly, I wanted to see if it lived up to its ‘Magic’ moniker.

The Lealso arrived promptly, and the packaging comprises a black cardboard box with foam insert to hold the massager. LEALSO is embossed on the lid of the box in silver to give it a more ‘luxurious’ feel. There is a separate box below the massager, to contain the power adaptor and the USB cable. As the power adaptor is 2-pin and only usable in Asia, I won’t be needing that, but instead will use the USB cable to charge the massager via my laptop. In addition, there is a black / colour outer box to show the massager (it is displayed in pink), and its main features, these being that it’s

made of medical silicone

has friendly controls

innovatively designed



The friendly controls consist of three buttons moulded into the silicone around the ergonomic gold plastic handle; a ‘+’ button to increase the speed setting, a ‘-‘ button to (you guessed it), decrease the speed setting. Sandwiched between those, the third button cycles through the 10 pulse vibration modes. There are 6 speed settings going up in 30Hz intervals from 30Hz – 180Hz. Since there was no instruction leaflet included with my Magic Massager, I visited the Lealso website, where I discovered their description of the vibration patterns:

There are in fact two constant waves, but the second one is more rumbly than the first. Another feature I learnt from the Lealso website is that you can lock the keys by pressing the ‘+’and ‘-‘ buttons together for 3 seconds. When you want to unlock the keys, simply hold both these two buttons again for several seconds until the red LED flashes. There are two motors powering the massager, one within the clitoral ‘bump’ part and the other in the g-spot tip of the shaft.

In use, the wand is lightweight and the handle is ergonomic, making it comfortable for me to use on my own for an extended time (oh if I had the time!) or for my other half to use on me. At the time of writing this review, this wand has been used twice by me for solo play, and once with my other half. When I use it on my own, I tend to prefer the uneven wave pattern, and I put the speed up to 180Hz. But even then I feel the clitoral stimulation is not really sufficient to make me climax so I find I need an additional vibrator on my clitoris to help me achieve orgasm.

With my partner, I found the best position for him to be able to hold it and angle it effectively was for me to be on all fours, in a ‘doggy’ style. In this position, as with the solo play, I also needed additional clitoral stimulation to climax. The sensations on my inner front wall helped coax my G-spot to respond in chorus with my clitoris for a pleasant ‘blended’ orgasmic release.

Cleaning this toy is extremely easy, using warm water and antibacterial sex toy cleaner. I then left it to air dry as the silicone will attract lint to its smooth surface. So my final thoughts on the Magic Massager from Lealso are that it will be good for people who enjoy G spot stimulation, and don’t require extreme power. It’s also quirky looking which I like. Whilst it’s not my favourite vibrator for orgasmic capability, I will enjoy it on the occasions where I’m not in need of a really ‘quick release.’

The Lealso can be purchased for £45.99 at Kinky Desires.

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