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By shareddesires, Jan 11 2017 01:23PM

We were absolutely deligted to receive this wonderful review from one of our lovely customers.

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Kinky Desires Hearts n Flowers Butt Plug

Having tried glass butt plugs and enjoying their ability to be warmed, as well as their hygienic and easy-to-clean qualities, I was keen to try a metal plug. I love a bit of ‘bling,’ so when I saw the cute heart gem plugs at Kinky Desires, I simply had to get one!

The coloured gems on offer include purple, clear, magenta, turquoise and ruby. These plugs prove popular, as at the time of writing this review they are all sold out. When I purchased mine, the colour options were limited. I would have liked a purple one, but these were sold out so I went for turquoise instead. It is nevertheless stunning.

Heart in my palm!

As for the plug itself, it is stainless steel and the dimensions on the website state

75cm (surely a typo, seeing as the other measurements are millimetres, mm!), measuring from pointed tip to heart base,

28mm presumably around the ‘stem’, and

33mm across the heart base.

I think it is more useful to know the circumference of the thickest part of the bulb, and by my trusty tape measure, this reads out at 85mm, (3 3/8 inches for imperialists). This was reassuring for me, seeing as I have not played with many ‘hard-material’ plugs with a girth in excess of 4.5 – 5 inches.

The plug is nice and smooth with a mainly flawless finish (there are a couple of ‘dimples’ on one side of the bulb and the underside of the heart base has one or two little ‘bumps’ in the steel). The crystal gem has several ‘snowflake’- like imperfections around the periphery. These are all purely cosmetic, and have no impact whatsoever on the feel of the plug whilst in use.

Before using this plug, I warmed up with a smaller silicone plug to stretch my tight anal opening, since I do not play with anal toys very often. When I was ready to use the Heart steel plug, I slathered it in water-based lube and gently eased it in. Entry was pretty comfortable, and once in, the narrow stem and flared heart base made sure it was not going to travel anywhere! Despite being smaller than my glass plugs, this little gem beauty felt reasonably filling, and made for a pretty view for my other half during sex.

Since it is not overly thick, and I am somewhat tight vaginally, my other half did not notice much difference to my tightness during our play together. I did find it enjoyable having both holes filled, though, so I would happily use it during sex, or for solo-play with a dildo or vibrator.

Kinky Desires were kind enough to include a 20%-off card with my plug, so I will be buying more from this retailer in the future…watch this space!

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