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CB6000 Transparent Blue


Product Description
The CB6000 is the latest male chastity device from the famous CB Range offering the utmost in comfort and security.
The CB6000 is our best selling male chastity device. It features a ring design that consists of three interlocking pieces that fit together like puzzle pieces encasing the penis in a lightweight and comfortable polycarbonate cage. The two guide pins hold the top pieces together. The oval locking pin goes through the middle recessed hole connecting the cage portion to the ring. The rounded design of the rings is extremely comfortable and secure. The different size rings and spacers included in each package allow you to customize your fit to your individual needs. Due to the bottom opening this chastity device can be used at urinals, the caged portion also has some extra slots for hygiene that allows for natural air drying. The CB-6000 is made of medical grade polycarbonate material. It is lightweight and hypoallergenic.
The CB-6000 restricts you from touching your genitals for sexual pleasure and gives the Key holder control over the sexual fulfilment of both partners.

Product Features
3" length 1.45" inside diameter cage
5 ring sizes - 1 ½” Dia, 1 5/8” Dia, 1 ¾” Dia, 1 7/8"Dia, 2"Dia.
Material: Polycarbonate
Colour: Transparent Blue
Package includes:
1 cage
5 different size rings
Locking pins and spacers
One padlock
Velvet Carry Pouch

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