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CB6000s Chastity Device


Deny your partner unauthorised pleasure with this steel cock cage, the ultimate tool for chastity play restricting the wearer from touching his genitals. This gives the Key Holder control over sexual fulfilment for BOTH partners.

This metal chastity belt is made from high quality steel, it has a nice weighty feel to it, but not too heavy and no chance of escaping! The lockable cage effectively prevents erections.

One of the most popular designs on the market. It is made from lightweight stainless steel with a chrome finish which is highly polished, making the device very visually appealing, not only that but it's polished surface also ensures the wearer is protected against chaffing and irritation when worn for extra comfort and security.

It has a hinged cock ring and features a generously sized hole at the front to allow for easy urination. It also has an open style cage so you can look but not touch! This also makes the device hygienic as it's easy to clean when wearing over long periods of time.

Product Specifications
2 ½” length 1 3/8” inside diameter cage - size small
5 ring sizes - 1 ½” Dia, 1 5/8” Dia, 1 ¾” Dia,1 7/8"Dia, 2" Dia
Colour: Black
Item Type: Chastity Belt
Model Number: CB6000s
Material: Medical Grade Polycarbonate material
Package includes:
1 cage
5 different size rings
Locking pins and spacers
One brass padlock
Five individually numbered plastic locks
Velvet carry pouch.

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